ImageWelcome to Verdigris. This site provides information about environmental initiatives for the international printing community. It has a range of articles and reference links for printers, publishers, technology providers and anyone else who’s interested.

Articles cover all sorts of topics from explaining the basics of carbon footprinting for printers, to describing how individual printing companies are doing their bit to minimise their impact on the envrionment. This is an educational site that includes reference material and links to industry associations and environmental organisations around the world.

Paper Tigers Hear Them Roar

ImageCan it really be true, as so many tree huggers believe, that pulp and paper production are major contributors to global warming?

At a UN conference in 1987, sustainability was defined as developments that “meet present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs”. This roughly means that we should look after the planet for our children, so in the context of media, is paper-based print really so terrible? There is so much misinformation buzzing around the wires that we thought it might be useful to find out just what the paper industry is doing to protect one of the planet’s most marvellous resources.

Successful PrintCity Munich Workshop - Carbon Footprint & Energy Efficiency

Gröbenzell, Germany, March 3, 2010 – The PrintCity Alliance completed a successful first Graphic Industry Supply Chain Workshop on the subject Carbon Footprint & Energy Efficiency during February 2010 in Munich.

Classic Printers stays clean and green with Fujifilm Brillia HD PRO-V plates

One of the largest commercial printers in Peterborough, Classic Printers has spent the last year ensuring that its offering gives customers one of the 'greenest' experiences possible, with its most recent investment being low chemistry Brillia HD PRO-V plates from Fujifilm.


20 January 2010 - Presstek, providers of high-quality, fully-integrated digital offset printing solutions and services, has joined the Verdigris Project as an associate member. Verdigris is the printing industry's only international not-for-profit environmental research initiative.


17th December, London, UK - Two Sides, the UK initiative to promote the responsible production of print and paper, today reports the continued growth of its membership and welcomes twelve new members to its campaign. Aimed at promoting awareness of the sustainability of print and paper as a 'Renewable, Recyclable and Powerful' medium, Two Sides was launched in September 2009 and involves almost 100 companies and associations spanning the Graphic Communications Supply Chain.


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