ImageWelcome to Verdigris. This site provides information about environmental initiatives for the international printing community. It has a range of articles and reference links for printers, publishers, technology providers and anyone else who’s interested.

Articles cover all sorts of topics from explaining the basics of carbon footprinting for printers, to describing how individual printing companies are doing their bit to minimise their impact on the envrionment. This is an educational site that includes reference material and links to industry associations and environmental organisations around the world.


14 December 2009 - Verdigris, the not-for-profit print environmental research initiative, is inviting print companies around the world to participate in the Verdigris Environmental Awareness survey. The aim of the survey is to better understand and evaluate the strategic motivators and environmental intentions of print companies worldwide. The survey will be repeated annually to track environmental awareness and adoption trends.

Colour Me Carbon

ImageWhat’s the hottest topic in print these days? Judging by the spate of recent announcements, it’s carbon calculators. They’re everywhere, from Google’s calculator and those of NGOs such as the Carbon Trust and Envirowise in the UK, through to energy companies the world round. Even book publishers are getting into the act. For instance, Finnish book printer WS Bookwell’s ecocalculator calculates CO2 emissions and environmental impacts based on materials alternatives, production data and print run specifications.

Green Grøset Trykk

ImageProtecting the environment has to be a top priority for all of us in the printing industry. This much we know, but taking steps to improve how we do business isn’t that simple and is made harder by the ridiculous myth that going green is an expensive proposition. Fortunately a growing number of printing companies around the world are using their brains and have recognised that green habits are good for business as well as the planet.

Saving money the green way

Wyke Printers, a family owned business based in Kingston-upon-Hull, UK, is known throughout the country as one of the leading litho print service providers. The commercial printer, with 65 employees and an annual turnover of £4 million, operates a "no order too big or too small" service and produces a wide range of jobs from personalised business cards to high value glossy magazines for a number of well-known brands and high street names. A big part of the company's business also involves printing pattern books and fabric cards for wallpaper companies.

Sun Chemical Issues First Report on Sustainability

LONDON, UK – December 9, 2009 – Sun Chemical, the world’s leading producer of printing inks and pigments, released its first sustainability report, which provides data-driven performance measurement for seven key sustainability metrics to help customers and consumers understand the company’s environmental footprint.


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