Computer-to-Plate goes green

ImageEnvironmental considerations have never played such an important role in CtP. Computer-to-plate has moved a long way in terms of affordability, performance and reliability since the early days. Plate technology has advanced to the point where printers can choose between traditional CtP systems that use chemical development and new chemistry-free technologies. This article looks at the latest chemistry-free systems, the different technologies that they use and the benefits they deliver to the user.

The interest in chemistry-free CtP at last year’s Drupa was not just about extra simplicity and convenience - it was also in large part due to an increased environmental awareness in the printing industry. Printers with green ISO credentials and environmentally-friendly practices advertise the fact as part of their selling process, with many reporting that the emphasis on sustainable and eco-friendly practices actually gains them new business.

But with different technologies available from the suppliers, the difficult question of which is best for you remains. The technologies fall into three broad categories, based on how the non-image areas are removed.

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