Let’s Get Wasted

ImageCarbon strategies can come in many shapes and sizes, reflecting different approaches to the challenge of better protecting the environment. For instance, a Ricoh factory located at the heart of the industrial revolution in the UK is a leader in the charge to develop green practices. The Ironbridge Gorge near Telford, in England, is known as the birthplace of industry and it was here that the technique for making top quality iron using coke in place of coal was perfected.

The Ironbridge Gorge is also home to one of Ricoh’s biggest European factories. The Ricoh plant has been a zero waste site since September 2002 so we foolishly braved the British railways to go to Telford and learn more. Despite the toe curling cuisine and mysterious beverages that are the hallmark of rail travel in the UK, we left Telford impressed. Ricoh is not alone in its recycling efforts, but in its factories it’s been at it for a long time.

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