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It’s relatively easy to recycle paper, but what can be done about more complex hard wearing materials such as those commonly used for outdoor signs?

Signs for outdoor use are, by their nature, weather resistant and therefore not easily biodegradeable. Yet a great many banners and posters are designed for relatively short term use, and have to be disposed of when the campaign is over. For the most part this means dumping them in landfill sites - not a very environmentally-friendly option.

So it’s hardly surprising that some suppliers are beginning to think about how to dispose of their materials in a more eco-friendly way. There are many different approaches to solving this problem, but one of the most common is waste collection. In the UK the Robert Horne Group has launched what it calls the R3 process because it’s based on the principles of recover, recycle and reuse. It involves the removal of all of a customer’s waste sign and display products. Steve Lister, business development manager for Robert Horne, explains: “We have waste and we feel responsible for selling these products in the market so we are taking a responsible stance to collect this waste.”

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