Sustainability in the print industry

ImagePrintCity recently published a report on Sustainability, Energy & the Environment, which is available free from the PrintCity website ( We urge anyone with an interest in print to download it and read it.

We also urge readers not to lose hope part way through because although this 24-page report requires some doggedness on the part of the reader, the effort’s worth it.

It is often hard for marketing driven organisations to tread a path between explaining the whys and wherefores of something and brazen self-promotion. Unfortunately most companies tend to step on the wrong side of that path, however, PrintCity’s report goes almost to the other extreme. There is no positioning statement for the organisation, nor any explanation of why PrintCity has gone to the trouble of producing the report, or what it means for the printing industry. The authors are various chemists and scientists drawn from PrintCity member companies, under the able editorship of Nigel Wells of PrintCity’s Webline. Sadly they haven’t explained why Print City has invested into producing the report, nor what printers and print buyers, can expect to get out of it. This is a great pity.

To read the rest of the article, please download the PDF below.

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