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The last resort

ImageCarbon offsetting is a major tool in the fight against man-made climate change, yet it is much maligned with some people calling it a permit to pollute. So, what is carbon offsetting, and does it have a part to play in establishing a way for printers to be more environmentally friendly?

Sustainability in the print industry

ImagePrintCity recently published a report on Sustainability, Energy & the Environment, which is available free from the PrintCity website ( We urge anyone with an interest in print to download it and read it.

Sale and Return - Robert Horne Group

It’s relatively easy to recycle paper, but what can be done about more complex hard wearing materials such as those commonly used for outdoor signs?

Environmentally aware - Elanders Malmö, Sweden

The growing awareness of the need for action against unnecessary use of energy, chemicals and fuel, has spurred both vendors and individual printers within the graphic arts industry to take real action.


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