As a manufacturer, Xeikon is keen on using green energy and is constantly reducing the waste to the maximum. It now uses larger toner bottles, for instance, producing less waste and causing less CO2-emission in transport. Toner changes are field upgradable, leading to longer lifetime of installations.

As a company Xeikon adheres to current standards on the markets it serves (ROHS, SVHC, REACH, Californian 65 list compliant, Ecolabel, Ecotex, Toy printing compliant ), and Xeikon meets the applicable FDA standards for indirect and direct contact with dry food items.

Xeikon presses are environmentally friendly: they produce no emissions of VOCs, and because they do not use any process water, they do not cause any water pollution either.

Xeikon toners do not use any VOCs, nor during production or during printing. They are designed including the latest developments in EF Polymer technology and the most safe pigments.

Xeikon printed paper material is guaranteed to be recyclable and well deinkable as the toner can be easily removed and contains no chemicals harmfull to the environment

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