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Kodak issues a call to action to the industry with sustainability white paper

Paper authored by Laurel Brunner, Managing Director of Digital Dots Limited

EYSINS, SWITZERLAND, May 7 – Kodak has issued a white paper, entitled Process Efficiency for Improved Sustainability, specifically targeted at print companies looking to use technological innovation to implement significant environmental and financial efficiencies within their print offerings and capabilities. The release of the white paper was marked with a presentation by Laurel Brunner, the author of the paper, at Kodak’s state-of-the-art plate manufacturing plant in Osterode, Germany.

EU Ecolabel for Copying and Graphic Paper Guidelines


small_medium_EU Flag.jpg

Choose the EU Ecolabel for your Copying and Graphic Paper if you want to show your commitment to a better environment.

Once it's on your products, the EU Ecolabel guarantees low air and water pollution during production, hazardous substances restricted, and use of certified fibres from sustainably managed forests.

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Envirowise offers free, independent support to your business helping you to become more resource efficient and save money. Since 1994, Envirowise has helped UK industry save more than £1 billion by reducing waste early on in their business processes.

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The French site of the Forest Stewardship Council for the conservation of forests and helping people lead better lives.

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