Svanen (the Swan) is the Nordic region's official eco-label. We review the environmental impact of goods and services throughout their entire lifecycles, from origination to disposal. We evaluate environmental claims against strict criteria, but also consider functionality and quality.

Svanen's vision is for sustainable society and sustainable consumption. Since there continue to be tightening claims, we are driving turnover step by step towards sustainable consumption. Today the Swan label exists for the goods and services of 66 different groups

About the EU Flower

The flower is the EU’s official eco-label., endorsed by the EU commission. The flower works is the same wane as the Swan label. The products scrutinised from a single lifecycle perspective from origination to disposal and in order to be licensed the products must meet high environmental claims, for functionality and quality. Strict claims are continually rising. Today 25 different services or products carry the flower mark.

About the SIS Eco-Label

The SIS Eco-Label oversees the practical work arising from the criteria, control and licensing of the Swan and Flower labels in Sweden. We work on behalf of the Swedish government updating the rules and activities without bias or profit objectives. To date the SIS has 36 employees and is 90% owned by the Swedish Standardisations authority and 10% by the Swedish state.

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