The Trillion Tonne Communiqué

We wanted to invite you to participate in media strategy for the Communiqué. Follow the links below for ways that your company can get involved. As a signatory your logo will feature on our website, additional launch material and the Communiqué brochure.

How you can support the Trillion Tonne Communiqué media campaign:

Via Twitter: Follow us @ClimateCLG and use #TrillionTonne in your tweets. To help you tweet we have created a list of suggested tweets and hashtags below.

Your Website: Update your website using these templates showing your support for the Trillion Tonne Communiqué.

Logos: Use the "We've Signed!" and "Please Sign Up!" logos on any of your communication materials.
E-Mail: Contact your business network colleagues and encourage them to sign. We've crafted sample letters for you to use here.

Tweet with us!

Feel free to use any of the tweets below:

We are supporting the #TrillionTonne Communiqué from @ClimateCLG. Are you? RT to spread the word

Listen up! Leading businesses launch #TrillionTonne Communiqué urging new policies to prevent dangerous #ClimateChange

Help achieve net zero emissions before the end of the century. Sign up to the #TrillionTonne Communiqué:


Help transform the energy system with @Climate CLG by signing the #TrillionTonne Communiqué:


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