HP is pleased to support the Verdigris project and its goal of providing objective information about print media’s environmental impact – which we believe will help print professionals and print buyers to make well-informed and environmentally responsible choices.

Hewlett Packard (HP) is the digital market leader in both Commercial and Sign & Display printing. HP is committed to enabling customers in these markets to profit from reducing their impact on the environment.

The aim is to do this by helping them to lower their environmentally-related installation and operating costs, and by assisting them to increase their market opportunity with environmentally-sensitive customers.

Key mechanisms to achieve this include:

  • Digital printing solutions, such as HP Indigo presses, that can help to reduce the number of wasted prints.
  • Clean and safe printing systems, including the recently introduced the HP Designjet L65500 signage printer. The printer requires no special ventilation and uses non-hazardous HP Latex ink which creates odorless prints.
  • Energy and resource efficient technologies, such as flatbed UV curable printing solutions like the HP Scitex FB950, which can print directly onto rigid substrates – significantly cutting the environmental impact versus mounting flexible substrates on boards.
  • Commitment to facilitate recycling across printing hardware, consumables and media.
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